Your online paralegal

Leading Ukrainian law firms
instruct us to edit their complex legal documents
as well as to review hundreds of due diligence materials
so that they spend their valuable time
on more interesting work.
We are an outsourcing company
focused on editing and review of legal documents 24/7.

We work superfast
our recent delivery times:
Make 50 amendments to a 100-page document – 3 hours
Review 2,000 documents of legal due diligence – over a weekend
Proofread an English translation of a 200-page contract – by the end of the next day
You save money:
our average hourly rate is 10 times lower than a lawyer's one
You can outsource the following work to us:
  • amending a document as per your instructions;
  • formatting a document so that it looks professional and 100% correct (we are fluent in MS Word styles);
  • proofreading by a native speaker;
  • drafting a contract based on your template.
  • review of documents in legal due diligence;
  • review of litigations documents;
  • review of documents for the purpose of filling in an application to the Antimonopoly Committee.
  • launching a data room in merger and acquisition projects (we collect, scan sort, upload and manage all documents as per your request list);
  • visiting a notary or a registrar to obtain an extract you need;
  • other document processing work which you may wish to outsource to us.
How can you work so fast?
  1. We split your assignment into parts and work on it together in a team.
  2. We have developed special algorithms for superfast document processing.
  3. We use a special software which lets us edit/review your documents by several specialists simultaneously.
  4. We work 24/7.
  5. We have more than 30 specialists in our team which have extensive expertise in various aspects of document processing (legal terminology, font styles, numbering, tables, formatting, e-discovery).
  6. Most of our specialists have a graduate law degree and are fluent in written English.
  7. We have a quality control on each stage of completing your assignment. Before we send the completed assignment to you our supervisory team double-checks the assignment.
  8. Each specialist spends at least two hours of training each week to stay up to date with modern document processing techniques.
How do you ensure the confidentiality?
  1. We sign confidentiality agreement with you.
  2. We also have confidentiality agreements in place with all our team members.
  3. Our specialists have NO technical possibility to save, print or send any document or information outside our company.
  4. A work of each specialist is fully monitored in real time.
  5. You can securely send your documents to us using our encrypted cloud extranet. We can provide an upload link to you upon your request.
  6. We do not disclose the name of our client unless the client permits so in written.
  7. If you seek absolute protection, you may wish to delete sensitive information from the documents which you send to us.
What benefits will I get by using FastDocs?
  1. You will be able to earn more by effectively leveraging your employees' time as they will be doing more highly paid legal work and less technical document processing.
  2. If you have a fixed (capped) fee on your client project you would significantly improve your profitability per employee time spent on such project.
  3. You will be able to win more work on the market as you could potentially offer more price-competitive bids while retaining your target profitability.
  4. You will improve the loyalty of your clients and your competitiveness on the market as you will always be ready to take on a very large and a very urgent project.
  5. Your team will be more satisfied and productive as they will be doing less boring technical work.
In which languages can you edit/review?
We edit/review documents in English, Russian and Ukrainian.
Some figures:
30 minutes
it usually takes us
to start on your assignment
200 symb/min
average typing speed
of our specialists
our working hours
(reception 9am – 11pm Kyiv time)
"If you need to urgently amend a draft agreement or review a large number of documents you can always count on us. We will perform your assignment at a maximum speed and with an impeccable quality. Just claim your free trial to check this."
Roman Stasiv
lawyer with 9 years of work experience
in leading international law firms,
Magister Juris (University of Oxford)
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